EsportsXO Hosted “XO Cup” – A PUBG Mobile Tournament in India

The PUBG Mobile Tournament in India was recently organized for the gamers. Amidst the gaming world emerging, video games are getting more traffic than ever before.

Gaming traffic raised by 75% during the lockdown imposed due to the COVID pandemic. In addition to this, it was also proclaimed that the average time consumed on online games like PUBG composes of 11% of total entertainment per day. 

 PUBG Mobile Tournament in India

With growing smartphone usage, and the prevailing crisis, the wave observed in online gaming is fantastic in India. As a result, online events are being arranged encompassing popular games, on a range that has been never observed previously. 

What is PUBG Mobile?

Pubg Mobile is one of the largest participating mobile first-person shooter games and is getting immensely widespread. PUBG Corp. and Tencent declared that the battle royale game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile scored 10 million daily active players on mobile platforms. 

PUBG has grave competition from the mobile version of Fortnite, but the daily active players, a mention to those who return to the game every day, is excellent. 

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has managed to be on the most downloaded spot in more than 100 countries. It took PUBG Mobile less than a week to transform into one of the fastest games to achieve this performance. With this intense popularity, organizations constantly arrange tournaments for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts with a stack load of cash rewards to triumph.

What is the PUBG Mobile Tournament?

A PUBG mobile tournament is a gaming competition in which various gamers compete against each other to win huge Cash Prizes. The Pubg Mobile Tournament in India can have different formats of games like elimination, single-player, team game, etc.

It is just like any other tournaments in other games. The concept of Tournaments is introduced to reward the skills of gamers and to uplift the excitement level for online gaming.

Everything about XO cup, a PUBG Mobile Tournament in India 

What is the “XO Cup”?

 XO Cup is the official gaming tournament of EsportsXo, supported by PUBG Mobile and managed by TGW Gaming. Pubg Mobile Tournament in India is an excellent opening for fresh new teams to exhibit their skills in the PUBG Mobile competitive tournaments. These teams will get to compete against some of the top teams in the country.

Xo Cup

This event brings together more than 4000 teams which compete between 200 groups. The team that wins in the end, gets a prize pool of whopping INR 50,000.


The Pubg Mobile Tournament in India takes place on four different maps with unique environments. The four maps are ERANGLE, MIRAMAR, SANHOK, and VIKENDI. Erangle has dry as well as green grasslands. Sanhok is more dominated by green grass and is based in jungle trees and large rocks.

On the other hand, Miramar is based in a deserted land and has old abandoned structures. Vikendi is mostly dominated by snow and has a castle. The types of costumes and skins the players use also affects the game. If the costumes match the color scheme of the map, it is easier for the players to camouflage and not be visible to the enemies. 


 XO cup, the Pubg mobile Tournament in India, took place from June 19, 2020, to July 10, 2020. The matches were streamed at 7 pm every day. The preliminary rounds were from 19 June, 2020 to 3 July, 2020. The semifinal rounds were on the 4th and 5th of July, 2020. The finals took place from 7th to the 10th of July, 2020.

Round 1: 4000 teams were selected based on who registered first. These teams were divided into 200 groups with 20 in each group. The top 4 teams from each group were advanced to Round 2.

Round 2: 800 teams were qualified from ROUND1 and were further divided into 40 groups with 20 in each group. The top 4 teams from each group were advanced to ROUND 3.

Round 3: 160 teams were qualified from ROUND 2. They were divided into 8 groups with 20 in each group. The top 4 teams from each group were advanced to ROUND 4.

Round 4: 32 teams were qualified from ROUND 3. They were divided into 2 groups with 16 teams in each group. The best of two matches were selected. The top 5 teams from each group were advanced to the semifinal rounds.


20 teams played in the semifinals. The 20 teams consisted of the 10 qualified teams and 10 invited teams. A total of 8 games were played for 2 days. Out of these, the top 5 teams were qualified for finals.

Finals – XO Cup

20 teams competed against each other in the finals. The teams consisted of the 5 teams that were qualified from the semifinals and 15 invited teams. 16 games were played for 4 days with 4 matches every day.

The 20 teams that made it to the finals were TSM-Entity, SynerGE, MegaStars, Fnatic, Orange Rock, GXR-Celtz, Nova-Godlike, Team Tamilas, Hydra, Team IND, Dark Tangent, U Mumba RXN, Retribution X, Team Mayhem, Reckoning eSports, Kill 2 Survive, Abstract eSports, Cascade, Future Station, and 8BIT.

Xo Cup Scoreboard

The Cash Prize

The total prize pool for the XO cup, the PubG mobile Tournament in India, was INR 50,000.

The team that won the 1st place was ORANGE ROCK, rewarded with INR 25,000. The team in 2nd place, MEGASTARS, was rewarded with INR 12,000. The team on the 3rd place, TSM ENTITY, was rewarded with INR 8,000. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the match was “Gill” from the team Orange Rock was rewarded INR 5,000.

Points Table

pubg mobile tournament, pubg mobile tournament in india

  • Orange Rock: 178 Points
  • MegaStars: 142 Points
  • TSM-Entity: 136 Points
  • Workforce IND: 134 Points
  • eSports: 120 Points
  • Nova-Godlike: 106 Points
  • SynerGE: 105 Points
  • Kill 2 Survive: 102 Points
  • Livecraft Esports: 92 Points
  • Reckoning eSports: 90 Points
  • Hydra: 87 Points
  • Darkish Tangent: 84 Points
  • Fnatic: 79 Points
  • Aspect Esports: 72 Points
  • Retribution X: 69 Points
  • Cascade: 56 Points
  • Future Station: 45 Points
  • VSG Crawlers: 31 Points
  • 8bit: 30 Points
  • U Mumba: 4 Points

Kill Leaderboard 

pubg mobile tournament, pubg mobile tournament in india

  • Gill from the team Orange Rock got 26 kills and was the MCP of the tournament.
  • Neyoo from the team TSM Entity scored 22 kills.
  • Vexe from the team MegaStars got 21 kills. 
  • Jonathan from the team TSM Entity scored 17 kills.
  • Darkish from the team Element eSports got 17 kills.
  • Anto from the team Orange Rock scored 16 kills. 

Team Orange Rock Esports surfaced triumphant in the XO Cup PUBG Mobile Tournament with 178 points whereas Team Megastars got second place with 142 points. Team TSM-Entity coming in at third position with 136 points. 

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