PubG Mobile Tournament by EsportsXO

Don’t call yourself a true gamer if you have not participated in PubG Mobile Tournament by EsportsXO.

With rising smartphone usage, and the current crisis, the surge witnessed in online gaming is phenomenal in India. As a consequence, online contests are being organized surrounding popular games, on a scale that has been never observed previously.

What is the PUBG Mobile Tournament?

It is a gaming competition where gamers compete against each other to show their professional gaming skills in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Tournaments are organized by different organizations in which the best of the best fight against each other to prove that they are the best gamer of PUBG Mobile. Lucrative cash prizes and a huge fan following is what gamers crave for and PUBG Mobile Tournaments offer them these.


What is the PubG Mobile Tournament by EsportsXO?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile scored 10 million daily active players on mobile platforms. With this intense popularity, organizations constantly arrange tournaments for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts.

PubG Mobile Tournament by EsportsXO is a highly competitive gaming competition in which the gamers from all across the globe come together to show their passion for PUBG Mobile. PubG Mobile Tournament by EsportsXO provides a platform as well as professional gamers by organizing separate competitions to test their gaming skill.

PubG Mobile Tournament

 The official name of the  PubG Mobile Tournament by EsportsXO is XO Cup. Top teams across the countries participate in the competition to win huge cash prizes worth Rs. 50,000. More than 4000 teams compete to win the title of the XO cup in 200 groups. 

How to participate in the PubG Mobile Tournament by EsportsXO through an app?

The app has a very simple design that can be used by everyone. You can play a number of daily tournaments and competitions through the EsportsXO app. Following are the steps you need to follow in order to join the PubG Mobile Tournament by EsportsXO – 

Step 1 – Download the app directly through the app store or through the website.

Step 2 – Choose the PUBG from the category of games in which you can see a variety of games.

Step 3 – From a number of tournaments, select PubG Mobile Tournament. After selecting the tournament you can find every detail of the tournament or competition including the number of participants, fees, rewards, and registration fee.

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Steps 4 – Click on the Participate button to join the tournament.

Step 5 – Add the participation amount in your wallet.

Step 6 – Fill the basic details about your team by paying the registration fee.

Step 7 – Congratulations! You are all set to showcase your professional gaming skills and win prizes worth Rs. 50,000.

How To play on Esportsxo?

The EsportsXO apps are accessible, both on mobile and PC. The apps are small in size and therefore they do not utilize much space. You can download the app from the EsportsXO online website.

Once you have downloaded the app, recharge the EsportsXO wallet as registration for some games demands a nominal fee. To contest paid matches, you need to recharge your wallet. All you have to do is recharge your wallet as some contests require an entry fee. If you win a game, the prize money ranges anywhere from Rs.100 to Rs. 1000.


You can begin to play in tournaments once you do this. You can participate in solo, duo, and squad games which allows you to play with your teammates. If you win any games, you can gain rewards which you can collect later.

What is EsportsXO?

EsportsXO is an online website and app that grants rewards and limitless entertainment for competing and playing games online. Gamers can engage in various types and genres of online games like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale, etc. and obtain cash rewards and prizes which are based on their in-game achievements.

The organization was founded and launched on 21st April 2020, it was developed by two young talents from Bangalore, India. You might be addicted to online games but just imagine if you could start earning cash or sustain by competing in mobile games. This is exactly what EsportsXo offers.

Professional Gamer

Users can engage in the upcoming eSports games and acquire marvelous prizes and rewards. Engage in the tournaments of games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Fortnite, etc. and gain immense rewards every day. Gamers can connect to custom rooms, and earn rewards for Chicken Dinner and also for each kill they score.

 Why choose EsportsXO?

EsportsXO offers tournaments, every day, of your desired online games. You can play custom matches in solo, duo, and squad modes with your teammates. The registration fees are low and the earnings, if you win, are enormous.

  • EsportsXO allows you to live stream the matches. You can even record your matches and save them to view later. This feature helps you to analyze your game and improve your mistakes to become a better gamer. 
  • EsportsXO offers the best Customer service who are always there to help you if you ever face any problems or difficulties. They provide users with 24×7 live support on their online website. You do not have to face any robots or chatbots as they believe in one to one talk.
  • If you are using EsportsXO and love it, you can refer it to other people to gain and enjoy bonuses in your wallet to get 10% off on your registration fees. This bonus can be used while registering for later tournaments. 
  • EsportsXO provides a free download of its app.  With the help of this app, you can keep yourself updated with details about the latest and upcoming tournaments. You can even register for tournaments using the app. The app is specially designed to make it simpler for the usage of all age groups.
  • EsportsXO concentrates on total customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are upset or dissatisfied with the services provided, EsportsXO will refund back the money, granted the reasons are legitimate, essential details are provided, and confirmed after investigation. 
  • In the event, if you are bothered with the services provided, EsportsXO will refund back the money, granted the reasons are legitimate, essential details are provided, and confirmed after investigation. In case of disapproval or any other reason, any player can drop out of the competition themselves right from the app before 30 minutes of match start time and the refund will be auto-processed immediately to the original wallet. 
  • EsportsXO has severe laws facing cheaters and hackers. Players are not permitted to use any mod or hack in the gameplay. If anyone is found suspicious, immediate action is taken and the account is suspended. All the pending withdrawals are canceled and wallet balance becomes useless. 

True gamers don’t let down any opportunity to showcase their skills. Brush up your gaming skills and elevate your gaming strategies and techniques by participating in daily competitions. And the best part is you will be rewarded for every progress you in your journey to become a professional gamer.

What are you waiting for?

Join EsportsXo today.

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