Best Gaming Monk Alternative for PubG Tournament

Are you looking for the best Gaming Monk alternative?

Don’t worry we will quench your thirst of curiosity, but wait did you know that with the rise of the gaming world, there are gaming enthusiasts who crave tournaments, the latest gaming news feed, and a way to interact with other video game lovers.

Online gaming has become a remarkably prevalent pastime, and with so diverse channels from which to choose, there is an abundance of alternatives for your online gaming experience. These opportunities are luring every other individual to become a professional gamer. More and more people are joining the gaming communities every other day. The gaming culture in India and in the world is rapidly growing at a lightning-fast speed.

Nevertheless, the choice can seldom be a little too much, with so many portals allowing such a varied combination of games. This can leave you uncertain about where to start. Hence, there are online organizations and gaming communities that provide gamers with everything they need.

What are Gaming Communities?

If you are a hardcore gamer and you are feeling alone as you don’t have any other gamers friends and these communities are for you. Gaming communities are just like any other community of like-minded people. The group of communities of online gamers is called gaming communities.

They are gathered together to discuss, debate. And play together with their favorite online games. The community members get to learn from each other and prove their gaming skills to each other in order to show their passion for their favorite games. 

Gaming Communities

These gaming communities can be segregated on the basis of various games. Each game has its own fan group and these people tend to form the communities. Games from PUBG to Clash of Clans, you name the game and you can find your own bunch of people in their communities.

What is Gaming Monk?

Gaming Monk is considered to be the largest gaming community online. Gaming Monk provides an online platform for gamers to play various tournaments for their favorite games.

One can participate in the ongoing tournaments to showcase their skills and win rewards. Along with it, one can also watch the live stream of the gaming tournaments across the work. 

As the platform is so popular more and more professional players are participating in the tournaments and as a result, only expert gamers are able to win the tournaments and cash prizes. 

What is the best Gaming Monk alternative?

Gaming Monk may be the largest gaming community online, it is not the best. On the other hand, EsportsXo may just be the right alternative for Gaming Monk. EsportsXO offers eSports like never before.

EsportsXO is the best Gaming Monk alternative and is also the best answer to all your curiosity eSports games. EsportsXO is an online platform that offers rewards and limitless entertainment for competing and playing games online.

Best Gaming Monk Alternative

Users can play various online games like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale, etc. and secure cash rewards and prizes based on their in-game achievement. It was founded and launched on 21st April 2020, it was developed by two young minds from Bangalore, India. 

You might be a part of Gaming Monk but if you haven’t tried the best Gaming Monk alternative then you are missing the real rush of esports.  You are addicted to online games but just imagine if you could start earning cash or sustain by competing in mobile games.

This is exactly what EsportsXo offers. Users can engage in the upcoming eSports games and acquire marvelous prizes and rewards. Engage in the tournaments of games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Fortnite, etc. and gain immense rewards every day.

Gamers can connect to custom rooms, and earn rewards for Chicken Dinner and also for each kill they score.

WHY EsportsXO?

EsportsXO offers daily tournaments of your favorite online games. You can play custom matches in solo, duo, and squad modes with your teammates. The registration fees are nominal and the earnings, if you win, are immense.

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Live Stream –

EsportsXO allows you to live stream the matches you compete in. You can even record your matches and save them to watch later. If you make any mistakes during the match, you can improve them in the matches you play later.

This feature of gaming monk is not very user friendly which makes EsportXO the best Gaming Monk alternative because we care about your gaming career.

Customer Care Services – 

EsportsXO offers the best Customer service who are always there to help you if you ever face any problems or difficulties. They provide users with 24×7 live support on their online website. You do not have to face any robots or chatbots as they believe in one to one talk.

The honest and caring Customer service of EsportXO makes it the best Gaming Monk alternative in this gaming world full of money-minded gaming communities

Refer and Earn – 

If you are using EsportsXO and love it, you do not have to refer it to other people for free. On the EsportsXO website, you have an option to refer and earn. This means that if you ever recommend EsportsXO to other players, use the refer and earn the option to gain and enjoy bonus in your wallet to get 10% off on your registration fees.

This bonus can be used while registering for later tournaments. We don’t want our future Professional gamers to charge hefty amounts for registrations that a number of other gaming communities do.

Free app download –

EsportsXO also has free to download the app where you are constantly updated with details about upcoming tournaments. You can even register for tournaments using the app. The app has a very simple and aesthetic user interface so that users of all age groups can easily operate the app.

Money-back Guarantee – 

EsportsXO focuses on complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are bothered or dissatisfied with the services provided, EsportsXO will refund back the money, granted the reasons are legitimate, essential details are provided, and confirmed after investigation. 

In the event, if you are bothered with the services provided, EsportsXO will refund back the money, granted the reasons are legitimate, essential details are provided, and confirmed after investigation.

In case of disapproval or any other reason, any player can drop out of the competition themselves right from the app before 30 minutes of match start time and the refund will be auto-processed immediately to the original wallet.

In case of any technical glitch, the match may get canceled and in such cases, the entry fees are refunded to the participants or re-match may take place.

Strict laws for Fraudsters – 

EsportsXO has strict laws against cheaters and hackers. Players are not allowed to use any mod or hack in the gameplay. If anyone is found suspicious, immediate action is taken and the account is suspended. All the pending withdrawals are canceled and wallet balance becomes useless.

Misuse of any in-game glitches or errors results in disqualification of that player from the match and no reward for the same match is considered. The use of any kind of Emulator to play in non-emulator matches is strictly prohibited.

Such players are kicked out from the match and if not kicked out then they may not get the match rewards or prizes.

A number of online gamers after experiencing the real essence of eSports on EsportXO says that we are not only the best Gaming Monk alternative but also the most caring and best online gaming community on the internet.

How to play on EsportsXO?

The EsportsXO apps are available, both on mobile and PC. The apps are small in size and hence they do not occupy much space. You can download the app from the EsportsXO online website.


Once you have downloaded the app, recharge the EsportsXO wallet as registration for some games requires a nominal fee. To play paid matches, you need to recharge your wallet.

You can start playing in tournaments once you do this. You can join solo, duo, and squad games which allows you to play with your teammates. If you win any games, you can gain rewards which you can collect later.

What is XO CUP?

EsportsXO has officially announced its gaming tournament XO Cup, supported by PUBG Mobile and managed by TGW Gaming. The tournament is an excellent opening for fresh new teams to exhibit their skills in the PUBG Mobile competitive tournaments. These teams get to compete against some of the top teams in the country.

Esports XO Cup

This event brings together more than 4000 teams which compete between 200 groups.

XO cup stars some of the top-level teams from India in their leagues which involve PUBG Mobile Premier League (PMPL), PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL), and PUBG Mobile India Series (PMIS) with teams such as Orange Rock, TSM Entity, Fnatic, TeamIND, Nova godlike, etc.

The team that wins in the end, gets a prize pool of whopping INR 50,000.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to join the most amazing gaming community on the internet. The best Gaming Monk alternative, EsportXO.

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